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written by: Latika Verma


Throughout history, the pharmaceutical industry has aimed to enhance ways to provide relief from chronic illnesses and diseases. In doing so, the recent studies have reflected on the effectiveness of the therapeutic elements of marijuana for medicative purposes. 

Being one of the most popular and controversial recreational drug worldwide; it is still consumed by over 250 million individuals. With that, its newly gained fame has increased curiosity among people to try out and find other pre-existing medicinal properties of the plant. Other than its euphoric and relaxing effects, the medicinal plant can be consumed in its herbal form, inhaled, smoked, mixed with food or consumed orally or topically. 

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, an essential component of marijuana plant affects the mind and body of individuals in a way that supresses pain. Cannabinoids – a non-psychoactive component found in cannabis brings out some of the positive effects of THC; helping reduce short-term depression, anxiety and stress. The effectiveness of cannabinoids has also proven to treat diabetes and cancer over time 

The escalating obtainability of Cannabis products globally has increased it consumption range over the years and has led to its legalization in 26 countriesConsumers’ attitude towards cannabinoids has changed over the past two decades. CBD is extracted from the trichomes and is commonly made available as an oil or in capsule form. It can also be applied topically as a cream or salve, inhaled or ingested in dried flower format, or ingested as an oil or in an edible product. The use of cannabis has received major media attention in the recent years and led to awareness of its health benefits.  



Conditions Cannabis help treating: 


Helping to Decrease Opioid Use 




HIV/AIDS Symptoms 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

Movement Disorders Due to Tourette Syndrome 

Multiple Sclerosis 

Nausea and Vomiting Related to Cancer Chemotherapy 

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

Sleep Problems  


According to Hande, “many patients use CBD for various physical and mental conditions (e.g., menstrual cramps, bowel conditions, migraines)” (2019). Considering the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in the vast number of medical conditions, it can be used to alter moods and help with Schizophrenia. Consumer feedback suggest that, using CBD for a huge variety of health and wellness reasons, but significantly more research is needed to determine the symptoms and ailments it can most successfully treat.  

Even though, the effects of CBD have not been fully explored and researched, customer consumption and experiences over time has revealed its relevance and significance in the pharmaceutical industry. It has revolutionised and surpassed the societal stigma attached to its use and history in a short amount of time.  

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